The Tee Time Central Team is a group of golf aficionados who have spent many years in customer service assisting golfers and travelers with their booking itineraries. If you total up our experience in the golf industry, it would span a lifetime! We pass our expertise to our customers with passion and enthusiasm! With our background of managing 22 courses (FGI), we saw a need for a centralized call center, booking engine or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution. Our IT group (W3Effect) has many years of experience creating IT solutions in the golf industry.
We offer a Booking Engine, Centralized Reservation System and Call Center.
Tee Time Central integrates with any POS or tee sheet. Ask us about our preferred POS partnership.
We have several packages available from a low-cost call center and booking engine only to complete support solutions. We also have no cost options - Golfer-Paid Transaction Fee or Partnership Between Tee Time Central and Golf Course(s). AND, you can receive a FREE 30-day Trial.
Tee Time Central has add-ons which you can control and a multi-course feature whereas the other booking engine’s do not.
SIMPLE! We currently work with two major companies (Chrono and TLinks) – all we need is an open API from your tee sheet provider!
Yes! We can embed the booking engine directly into your existing site.
Golf Central, our central reservations system, was specifically designed for golf packaging call centers to manage accommodations, golf rounds and amenities all in one place. Golf Central combined the spreadsheets, printed rate sheets, systems for reporting and recording, accounting records and created a streamlined system to manage all of your data in one place.
Powered by the most current contact center platform and integrated with our CRM, our call center management software will help you increase productivity, streamline processes, capture and consolidate customer conversations all in one place.
Currently, we have 14 golf-specific agents...and growing!
Having our agents taking calls for your golf desk allows your personnel to communicate with customers quickly and effectively and face-to-face * In addition, it allows your front desk to upsell food, beverages, gift cards, and more to help increase your bottom line and the point of sale.
Tee Time Central offers several different packages, depending on your needs. We also have Partnership, Transaction Fee and NO-COST packages available.
We work in conjunction with and Stripe.
Our processing methods are an industry standard with excellent rates - which is integrated into the system for ease of use.