Full Membership: can book within 7 days and can bring 3 guests out of season. 48 hour bookings in season (March, April and October)
Prime Time Honors: can book within 5 days online and 4 days over the phone (pay at course), can bring 3 guests at same rate
Prime Time: can book within 3 days online and 2 days over the phone, can bring 3 guests at small surcharge (seasonal)
Passport: can book within 2 days of play, can bring 3 guests at a small surcharge (seasonal)
HOWN and Eling Elite: Can book 48 Hours in advance year round. We do treat these similar to employee bookings when our tee sheet begins to fill (steer them into less filled areas or if only a few times available just mention we are sold out). Preferably would like these rounds booked through the golf course in order to utilize these as tee sheet fillers in season.