TTC will create a customized marketing program that links you business processes and communications with the unique needs of your customers.

Just as importantly, our new software will be fully automated, meaning there is no need for manual intervention on your part. Our new software will update your contact list automatically. Every change is immediately saved, every event is instantly tracked.

Wondering how we manage to deliver on such lofty promises? We are happy to provide you with a demo, or continue reading to learn more.

More details here:

1. Identify your contacts

To target your communication, you first need the elements that allow you to do this. In short, you need to know who you will be contacting. We use multiple methods to do this including:

Tying into your website and contact forms
Tracking through the Tee Time Central booking engine
Tracking through GolfCentral reservation system

2. Tracking your contacts

Once we identify contacts on your website or booking engine, you can follow their actions. There are several different types of tracking including:
Page views
Courses added to cart
Abandoned cart
Quote sent by reservationists
Reservation confirmation
We will help you set up code that allows you to track your contacts throughout your website. This data is merged with information provided through the Tee Time Central booking engine and GolfCentral reservation systems giving you a complete picture of your customers. They are telling you what they want, and we will help you give it to them.

3. Automated Workflows

The contact information will allow us to create workflows that are all “strategic routes” in which you can intervene. Our experts will work with you to design key communications throughout the customer journey and after, to increase conversions and customer satisfaction.

In this simple example below, we see that a contact receives a quote. If the contact does not book the reservation within one day, we send an email or SMS message. Additional steps can be added to continue prompting a response from the contact until they book the reservation. These are things your sales team is already doing, but by automating this we free up your team to focus on acquiring new customers.

Our team will continually evaluate detailed statistics to determine what is working and what is not. Ongoing adjustments will be made based on those evaluations, increasing efficiency and sales.

4. Email Marketing Campaigns

You can also use the detailed data to create targeted email campaigns designed to maximize conversions. Emails can be customized based on the contact’s interests and it will allow you to deliver a more personal message rather than a mass mailing.

A/B testing is available, allowing us to create different variations of an email campaign, sending it to a small sample to determine which variation is most successful. Once the testing is complete, the remainder of your target audience will be sent the most effective email campaign.

5. Ad Campaigns

Retargeting ads may be the most effective form of advertising, tracking your site visitors and bringing them back into the sales funnel.
Facebook ads can be managed from your marketing platform, placing ads on both the Facebook website and mobile platforms. Target your ads directly to your contacts and reinforce other marketing efforts.
Use Facebook’s intelligent targeting to find more customers like your top customers.
Combining the data from all of your platforms gives you unique insights into your current customers, giving you a competitive advantage when targeting new customers.