An Extension of Your Golf Shop

Our clients have called our dedicated Customer Service Representatives (CSR) at the Tee Time Central Call Center "award-winning" because of their knowledge and professionalism.

We have gone one step further to elevate your expectations...we have Call Center agents who KNOW GOLF!

We Handle Your Calls for You!

If we told you our call center, taking a few hundred calls per month, could result in several thousand dollars in rounds and revenue, would you do it?

Increase productivity, capture customer data, deliver rounds conversions and free up your staff to better manage your on-site customers.

  • Reservationists Who Know Golf: Our professional and knowledgeable sales agents have more than 30 years of experience building golf relationships.
  • Professional Customer Service and Support: We manage high call volume on a daily basis and know how to take care of your customers.
  • With our extended service hours, your golf course will see increased rounds and revenue after te shop is closed for the day. We can book single and multiple reservations, cross-promote specials, feature specific add-ons and you won't miss calls!
  • Seamless integration with your golf course operations.

 Free Up Your Resources!

Powered by the most current contact center platform, and integrated with our CRM, our call center management software will help our agents increase productivity, streamline processes, capture and consolidate customer conversations in one place.

We manage high call volumes daily and have excellent scripted conversions in the sales process. Tee Time Central captures golfer data, creates and pulls monthly reports and provides you with the highest level of quality service by golfers who understand your customers.

Leave the Phones to Us!

Our Dedicated Agents Currently handle more than 20,000 calls per month for 30+ golf courses (expanding nationwide). Your customers will Speak with a Golf Knowledgeable Live Representative who listens to, and helps, your customer all with the motivation to increase tee times and revenue for your club.


State-of-the-Art Virtual Golf Shop
Ready to Take Your Reservations


Your Virtual Golf Shop

Don't Miss a Tee Time When Your Shop Closes!

  • Live golfers answer your calls and customer queries
  • Extended Service Hours
  • 20 years golf tee time reservation center experience
  • Professional customer service and support

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